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Organic Index offers a calm, confident and natural experience through a sophisticated and welcoming environment.

With a home base in Brisbane, Australia, Organic Index is the result of the shared passion of sisters Rebecca Medcalf, Emma Dowling, and Melissa Krueger that beauty and wellness are inseparable.

Combining their business experience, values and world view gained from extensive global expeditions, with a passion for artisan crafted body products, they took the opportunity to work on something they truly believed in to channel their efforts into a unique index of all things good for your skin.

Organic Index is just that – the embodiment of a little black book that signals the arrival of a new way of looking after yourself – the best selection of exceptionally crafted, natural and organic body products that can make a difference to your skin, your wellbeing and your life.

Organic Index is built on a vision to be the ultimate, on-trend collection of natural, organic and crafted body products sourced exclusively from Australia and New Zealand.

Every day at Organic Index we work towards changing the face of the beauty industry by delivering an unmatched customer experience that brings you exceptional creations. The underlying truth is that if you find a natural, beautiful body product and you love it, you will wear it, and share it.

Collaborative partnerships
We are committed to ‘shared success’ partnerships with our artisan suppliers.
The Organic Index journey has taken us on explorations through Australia and New Zealand where we have unearthed talented creators of exceptional natural and organic body brands.

We will continue to find and collect local brands because we are proud to showcase products that are genuinely loved by their advocates and acclaimed as some of the best in the world.

Committed to the Real Beauty Manifesto
We hand select our range, to ensure every product meets the guiding ethos of the six pillars of the internationally recognised Real Beauty Manifesto.

Our source of origin promise
In the spirit of bringing you the most exceptional range possible, we are committed to full transparency around our 80:20 source of origin principle.
We are committed to 80 per cent of our products being sourced and manufactured wholly in Australia or New Zealand. We believe in supporting local brands and communities and the vibrancy and sustainability that it brings to our future. The remaining 20 percent are local brands we really admire, that for many different reasons cannot manufacture their products solely in Australia and New Zealand. In keeping with our full transparency principle we ensure these brands meet the highest possible standards both ethically and environmentally.

- Meet the team -

Rebecca Medcalf

Business and Operations

“I love the integrity, soul, compassion and colour that people with passion bring to the world, and at Organic Index we are driven to showcase exactly that – the best of people and business.”

Rebecca’s deep connection, love and respect for the natural landscape fuels her commitment to Organic Index.  During her many years working on the land, she enjoyed nothing more than the watching storms roll in over the horizon or finding tiny spider webs in the morning dew out in the paddocks. Rebecca is invested in the future wellbeing, vitality and creativity of our communities and environment through Organic Index, and a world where more small businesses and the people behind them thrive.


Emma Dowling

Product sourcing and marketing

“Life my way is real people exploring, sharing and supporting real good with other people. Love it. Wear it. Share it. is more then a #hashtag for me, I live it.”

An intrepid product explorer, Emma is driven by the discovery of a brand that has real soul and integrity, whether it be food, clothing, accessories, skincare or makeup.  She is inspired by the amount of talent she sees in her travels where people are working to bring genuine care, pride and craftsmanship back into people’s space, life, and that of family, friends and community. Consciously choosing to support and share these brands through Organic Index is her ongoing commitment to her own wellness, family, community and environment.


Melissa Krueger

hr, training and support

“Beauty is something we already have, and it can be seen everyday in nature, love and self-acceptance.”

Melissa is our trained Makeup Artist, mentored by one of Australia’s most successful Natural Makeup Artists & trained as a Beauty Therapist at the College of Natural Beauty. Melissa is also our textbook “mainstream” to natural/organic convert. In her years in a corporate training, hr & recruitment she was romanced by the advertising that linked personal worth to external sources and to beauty to a perceived image of perfection. The integral shift in her mindset occurred when she finally realised that keeping people convinced they are not ‘good enough’  or ‘beautiful as they are’ – is only a successful marketing campaign that prays on our insecurities – nothing more.

 Through Organic Index, Melissa shares her passion with people to help them nurture themselves, have confidence to play, learn and be truly be happy in their own skins.

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  • With healing essential oils, Valor's soothing shea butter and pomegranate face balm is a brilliant after-shave balm. No fuss, light and easy to travel with, this could make a wonderful gift for any man.
  • Sunday and I am thinking flowers.  We have a big photo up in store of this glorious flower, the protea, and I couldn't help today sharing this stunning pic from @flowersbybonnie  Em x
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  • We have these divine Wattleseed Soap Bars in store from Bondiwash! ⠀
Bondiwash have created a gorgeous range of fragrant, natural Australian products featuring Australian botanicals.  Beautifully scented and naturally effective! ⠀
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  • Ever wonder why big brands don’t list ingredients on their perfume bottles?  Expert perfumer and founder of one our favourite brands of perfume @oneseedperfumes Liz Cook is in store with us today! Liz reveals what you should look for when shopping for your signature scent and why One Seed has nothing to hide. She is holding works shops today to help you develop from scratch your own personal scent! We have a 2 vacancy available in this afternoon workshop!  If you are keen give the shop a quick call, numbers on our website, be quick I am sure it will fill fast. xx
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